With exquisite finesse and generosity, Château Balestard La Tonnelle is a rich, intense and structured wine. The finish is exquisite. The reputation of this wine is very old since in the 15th century, François Villon already mentioned it in a poem that appears on the label, speaking of “divine nectar”.

Chateau Cap de Mourlin Bottle 2019 - GM

Chateau Cap de Mourlin 2019 label


a property on the north side of Saint-Emilion

Located on the right bank of Bordeaux, Chateau Cap de Mourlin is located on the northern slope of Saint-Émilion. On a clayey limestone and clayey siliceous soil, spread over 14 hectares of vineyardsThe vineyard was founded in the 16th century. Directed by Jacques CapdemourlinChâteau Cap de Mourlin continues its rise to become one of the leading names in the Saint-Emilion appellation. The grape variety of the domain is dominated by the presence of Merlot(65%), completed by Cabernet Franc (25%) and Cabernet Sauvignon(10%).

A family heritage

The generations follow one another…

In 1974, Jacques Capdemourlin took over the management of the Capdemourlin vineyards.

Very active in all local institutions, Jacques Capdemourlin’s main objective is to promote the Saint-Emilion appellation.

A vineyard

Located on an exceptional terroir, the vineyard of Château Balestard la Tonnelle is always the concern of the vineyard manager who adapts the work in the vineyard according to the climatic changes.

A new challenge for Balestard!

A know-how

Respectful of tradition, the cellar masters succeed one another and maintain the quality of the wines by giving them an identity, a unique character.


Château Cap de Mourlin house and cellar

Owner of Château Cap de Mourlin since 1635, the Cap de Mourlin family has, over the generations, broadened its range of vineyards and developed a real anchor for the wines of Saint-Emilion.

Chateau Cap de Mourlin Cuvier stainless steel cellar

A thermo-regulated cellar that meets the requirements of perfection to produce a wine that charms the palate.

Château CAP DE MOURLIN cellar of breeding

A cellar of breeding allowing the wine to take its time to reveal all these aromas.

Château Cap de Mourlin green grape
Cap de Mourlin Castle Driveway leading to the castle
Château Cap de Mourlin the cellar seen from the outside
Château Cap de Mourlin small cluster in the making
Château Cap de Mourlin bottle on barrel in the malolactic cellar
Castle Cap de Mourlin the house
Château Cap de Mourlin wine tasting in the evening by candlelight
Château Cap de Mourlin wall grape
Château Cap de Mourlin Cellar malolactic fermentation glass
Chateau Cap de Mourlin vineyard row

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